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IGS Viewer allows viewing 3D CAD models provided as IGS and IGES files
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IGS Viewer allows viewing 3D CAD models provided as IGS and IGES files. It is a free tool that lets you open these types of files, view the included 3D CAD models, and perform some basic operations with these models, such as zooming or rotating them.

IGS Viewer is a very simple and lightweight tool, suitable mainly for beginners or for those users that need a really quick solution to view 3D objects, without requiring any intricate features or settings. I like the fact that it allows viewing the 3D object in 2D, in all its 4 sizes: front, back, left and right, with just one press of a button. Viewing only the wireframe of the object is also possible, as well as changing the transparency level or adding shades.

In my opinion, the only downside of this application is the fact that it can load only IGS and IGES files. If it could load 3D models provided as other file types, such as STL or STP, then IGS Viewer would have been simply perfect. Even so, it’s a great free application that would surely satisfy anyone in need of a simple and lightweight tool to quickly display 3D CAD objects.

Margie Smeer
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  • Really neat and lightweight
  • Allows 2D view in all 4 sides of 3D object
  • Lets you easily zoom or rotate the object


  • Supports only IGS and IGES files
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